BEYOND THE BLACK: THE STORY OF METAL CHURCH - By James R. Beach and Brian L Naron (Brand new Ebook)

BEYOND THE BLACK: THE STORY OF METAL CHURCH - By James R. Beach and Brian L Naron (Brand new Ebook)


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SYNOPSIS: In 1983, former Lewd guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof joined forces with vocalist David Wayne, guitarist Craig Wells, bassist Duke Erickson, and drummer Kirk Arrington, to form one of the heaviest bands to ever come out of the Pacific Northwest. Taking the name from his early attempts to assemble a band down in San Francisco that fused the aggression of punk rock, with the precision of heavy metal music, Vanderhoof assembled a powerhouse lineup back in Washington state. They quickly garnered attention for demos recorded that summer, live performances and a breakout indie album the following year, and landed a major label deal and went on to world-wide popularity.

40 years later, Metal Church lives on. Surviving various lineup changes, a short breakup, the ups and downs and changes of the music scene, and the tragic losses of two of their iconic lead singers, they continue to tour and make great albums under the guiding hand and direction of founding riff-master Vanderhoof. With a new singer and a new album in 2023, Metal Church is poised to continue their legacy as an influential and well-respected heavy metal band.

This is their story...

BEYOND THE BLACK: THE STORY OF METAL CHURCH is a new book from NW Metalworx Books by author James R. Beach and co-author and archivist Brian L. Naron. Culled from extensive research, interviews with both past and current band members, crew members, producers, managers, friends, peers and others. Includes numerous rare images and photos, extensive concert listings, discography and a brand new forward by former Grim Reaper guitarist and friend Nick Bowcott.

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