LEWD - American Wino (Reissue of Seattle/SF punk band's 1982 LP w/bonus tracks & poster - Kurdt Vanderhoof of Metal Church)


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Brand new reissue of the Seattle/San Francisco punk band, THE LEWD's classic 1982 LP - AMERICAN WINO - with 4 bonus tracks (the 1979 "Kill Yourself" 7" EP and one 1980 demo from SF "Mobile Home (Studio version)") - on Puke N' Vomit Records from 2021. Cool gatefiold cover with rare photos and flyers, etc. and a special poster of the band with the "Blobbo" (Kurdt Vanderhoof) lineup in it. Sealed in shrinkwrap. Comes in two colors:

Blue/White split color vinyl with red splatter LP (only 100 copies done) - $24.95
Black Vinyl LP - $21.95