CULPRIT 'First Offense' CD (Rare Demos from 1981 - 1984)

CULPRIT 'First Offense' CD (Rare Demos from 1981 - 1984)


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The early recordings of this cult U.S. Metal cult band from Seattle! Their unreleased demos officially released for the first time. A deluxe edition limited to 500 CD copies, comprising a 12-page booklet with band biography and rare photos. All songs digitally remastered from the original tapes. (IN STOCK AND SHIPPING NOW).

1 Guilty As Charged (Demo 1980)
2 Ice In The Back (Demo 1980)
3 Same To You (Demo 1980)
4 Players (Demo 1980)
5 Metal Heart (Metal Heart Demos 1983)
6 Out Of control (Metal Heart Demos 1983)
7 White Lies (Metal Heart Demos 1983)
8 Wild Highway (Metal Heart Demos 1983)
9 Players (U.S. Metal II compilation track)