NW Metalworx Volume 2: Lake Hills Revisited (Black Vinyl LP - Only 400 copies made)


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Our seventh album for NW Metalworx Music is a compilation and this one is kinda special. NW METALWORX VOLUME 2: LAKE HILLS REVISITED is a look at the many great heavy metal and hard rock bands that played a the Bellevue Roller Rink during the period of 1979 - 1983. It features 10 songs by NW bands who all performed there during that time period and much of the music is previously unreleased. The cover is a wraparound one and the sleeve features liner notes by Craig Cooke and NWMW, and band photos and bios. We're honored to be able to bring to you this great tribute to a wonderful, and important period in northwest metal history.

Q5 - "Missing In Action" (Live)
TKO - "Survive"
SABBATAR - "Enter The Dragon"
OVERLORD - "Had Enough" (Live)
SATO - "Wheels Burn"

RAIL - "Gangbusters" (Live)
LIPSTICK - "Trouble Around The Corner"
PROWLER - "Lady Of The Night"
BONDAGE BOYS - "Dehumanize Me"
WILD DOGS - "Heavy Metal Rock N' Roll" (Live - w/Drum Solo)

(IN STOCK NOW! Only 400 hand-numbered Black Vinyl copies produced.)