SATO - Leather Warriors (Anthology 1982 - 1986) (Import CD w/Bonus DVD)


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Brand New/Sealed CD/DVD combo package of the Seattle band SATO - LEATHER WARRIORS (Anthology 1982 - 1986) - from Lost Realm Records from 2017. Includes 10 songs (9 previously unreleased along with "Leather Warrior" from the NW Metalfest 1984 compilation LP). Features Mike Starr (Alice In Chains) on bass as well. Comes with a cool booklet with lyrics, photos, flyers, etc - and a new interview with singer Dean Jeffries. Also includes a special DVD with Sato's NW Metalfest performance, a Gorilla Gardens show in '85 and a Mike Starr Memorial tribute video from a few years back. Portugal Import. Only 500 copies made.

CD1 Leather Warrior
CD2 Halloween
CD3 Wheels Burn
CD4 Born With Fire
CD5 Stealer
CD6 Night Prowler
CD7 Hanna Lee
CD8 Lost In Love (again)
CD9 Pushing Back
CD10 She's Like The Rain
DVD1 Sato At Northwest Metalfest '84
DVD2 Sato Last Show At Gorrilla Gardens '86
DVD3 Mike Starr Memorial Video