CRUELLA - Shock The World (2017 Re-Mastered Reissue CD - Heaven & Hell Records - Bonus Tracks!)


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Brand new remastered Anniversary Edition CD - CRUELLA - SHOCK THE WORLD - from 2017 from Heaven & Hell Records. Originally released in early 1990 in Germany. Includes three never-before released demos recorded in September of 1992 right before the band broke up. Also comes with a 12 page booklet with new liner notes by James R. Beach (including interview quotes from his NW Metal history book Rusted Metal) and J. Golden, lyrics, rare photos, flyers, ticket stubs and more!

STW Tracks:
"The Awakening"
"Russian Jig"
"Mr. Potato Head"
"Living Death"
"Shock The World"
"Jim Jones"
"Pushed Off The Edge"

Bonus Tracks (1992 demos never before released):
"Brain Dead"
"Death From Above"
"Your Own Slave"