TKO - Round Two: The Lost Demos LP (Red Vinyl - Only 200 copies)


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Never-before released album by the pioneering Seattle Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band TKO - ROUND TWO: THE LOST DEMOS. These songs were recorded in the summer and fall of 1979 and were intended for a second album with Infinity Records before the label folded. Hear for the first time this amazing music featuring Brad Sinsel (Vocals), Rick Pierce (Guitar), Tony Bortko (Guitar, Keyboards), Evan Sheeley (Bass) and Bill Durham (Drums).

"Down To Tears"
:In For The Kill"
"Don't Say No"

"My Memory"
"Gotta Get Out Of Here"
"Not A Kid No More"

Red Vinyl LP of only 200 copies done on 150 Gram high-quality vinyl. Comes with a full-color booklet featuring liner notes, song lyrics, rare photos, flyers, etc. from that time period. Also comes with a special reproduction promo photo from 1979 of the band (while supplies last) and only 100 copies are being done of the picture.