Overlord - Broken Toys (Expanded Edition LP - Black Vinyl)


Overlord - Broken Toys (Expanded Edition)

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Expanded reissue of the self-released Broken Toys EP by the awesome Kirkland, WA. Punk/Metal crossover band OVERLORD. This rare 1982 5-song EP is taken from the original master tapes and 5 more songs are included along with it (4 are previously unreleased and one only appeared on a rare compilation). Hear the influential band that predated grunge by a few years. Snarly, punky vocals with great twin-leads and killer hard rock tunes influenced by Alice Cooper, The Stooges, Angel City, Kiss, The Sex Pistols and others. Including the original artwork and a 12-Page color booklet with new liner notes by Dave Reynolds (Metal Forces), rare photos, flyers and more. Album is pressed on high quality, 150 Gram black vinyl. Only 300 hand-numbered copies to be done.

"Another Lonely Nite"
"Had Enough"
"Looking At You"
"Sometimes...Gets The Best Of Me"

"Blame It On The Kids"
"Screaming At The Walls"
"Leave It All Behind"
"On The Edge"

(IN STOCK NOW. Also included will be a free download card with each album with two bonus tracks. Order direct here and save $5 off the list price of $27.95 and also get a bonus Overlord reproduction promotional photo free with your copy!)