Rusted Metal: A Guide To Heavy Metal And Hard Rock Music In The Pacific Northwest (1970 - 1995) (Trade Paperback Edition)


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RUSTED METAL is a definitive guide to Heavy Metal and Hard Rock music in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Vancouver BC) from 1970 to 1995 by local authors and music fans James R. Beach, Brian L. Naron, James D. Sutton and James Tolin. Featuring a comprehensive guide to the bands, clubs, music and more (including interviews with members of: Metal Church, Heart, Rail, TKO, Culprit, Sanctuary, Black N' Blue, Wild Dogs, Pearl Jam, Q5, Heir Apparent, Shadow, Overlord, Panic, Malice, Glacier, Coven, Cruella, Forced Entry, Whizkey Stik, High Voltage, Widow, Wehrmacht, Gargoyle, Lipstick and many others - around 100 brand new interviews in all!). Features over 500 band bios, discography, concert listings, tons of photos, flyers, covers, merchandise, etc. as well. Large, oversized Trade Paperback book.

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