MYRAMAINZ 'No World For Angels - The Demos' CD

MYRAMAINZ 'No World For Angels - The Demos' CD


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A never released before gem from Kent, Washington. Finest power/thrash metal, for fans of Meliah Rage, Powermad and Strychnine! Their 1988 and 1990 demos available in CD from the first time. Includes special liner notes and rare photos. Limited to 500 copies. (IN STOCK AND SHIPPING NOW)

1 Pieces
2 As I Breathe Your Name
3 Father
4 No World for Angels
5 Exit This Trance
6 Better Shred Than Dead
7 False Amnesty
8 Myramainz
9 Blind Lead The Blind
10 Misery In Progress
11 Oblivion Dream (Bonus Track)