R.I.P. - Rest In Pieces/Global Warning (Double CD -1991/1992 Demos)


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Expanded double reissue of the 1991 Rest In Pieces EP and the 1992 Global Warning EP by Seattle, WA's Godfathers of Theatrical Shock-Rock Environ-Metal, R.I.P. These ultra rare EPs are taken from the original master tapes, and include 4 bonus songs (previously unreleased anywhere else). Hear the band that The Rocket Newspapers called "...one of the biggest and most important cult movements in local music.", who started the whole "Environ-Metal" phenomenon. Slightly punk tinged Power-Metal tunes, and an incredible stage show influenced by Alice Cooper, Kiss, Gwar, Green Jello and others. Includes the original jacket artwork from both EPs blended together into a 6-page insert complete with rare photos, lyrics, special thanks and credits including lyrics and details on the unheard bonus tracks.

[Rest In Pieces]
"Fast Lane"
"Merciless Wasteland"
"R.I.P. (Rest In Pieces)"
"Plundering Force"
"Warlord's Dream"
"The Bush Anthology"
"Time is Short"
[Global Warning]
"Painful World"
"(Step Outside) What's Inside"
"The Oak King"
"Warrior of the Path"
"Global Warning"
"Save the Earth or Die With It!"
[Bonus Tracks]
"Bloodmoney"(1992 demo)
"Hari Kari"(1992 demo)
"Global Warning"(1994 demo)
"Hari Kari"(1994 demo)