NW METALWORX VOLUME 3 COMPILATION (Limited Edition Clear Vinyl LP - Only 100 Copies)



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Next in our compilation series is VOLUME 3. Includes heavy metal and hard rock bands from the Pacific Northwest from Washington, Oregon and Idaho all from the 80s this time. Limited edition Clear vinyl LP of only 100 copies produced with a special insert with band bios, photos, etc.

1. COVEN - "Succubus" (Remix)
2. PIRATE - "Rough and Ready"
3. TRAITOR - "The Huntress"
4. TOKYO - "Victim"
5. ROULETTE - "Play With Fire"
6. ROTTWEILLER - "Set the World on Fire"
7. CHILDZPLAY - "The Learning"
8. VENGENTZ - "Day of Deliverance"
9. X-PIRACY - "All Dressed Up"
10. WIDOW - "Tunnelvision"
11. MYSSTRESS - "Keep the Drive"

(PRE-ORDER: Estimated to be in stock and shipping in August/September, 2023).