SUBSTRATUM - Stratosphere (Brand new 2018 CD - Seattle Power Metal Band)


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Seattle, WA's traditional metal warriors SUBSTRATUM have amassed an impressive discography since forming in December of 2013. The onslaught began with a three-song demo in the summer of 2016, followed by a self-titled debut album on Swords & Chains Records. The spring of 2017 saw the release of the three-song Rough Rider demo—a split 10" with Skelator on its heels that summer. Around that same time, both of the group's demos were picked up by Divebomb Records for inclusion on Vol. 4 of their burgeoning Masters of Metal compilation series, which brings us to the present...

SUBSTRATUM's current lineup of vocalist Amy Lee Carlson, Jonny Haynes and Max Nazaryan on guitars, Matthew Vogan on bass, and drummer Eric Smith have unleashed a brand new EP, Stratosphere. The six-song, 35-minute CD—featuring a cover song originally performed by NWOBHM obscurities Satanic Rites—will see the light through Divebomb Records in March, complete with an eight-page booklet featuring cover art by Starhammer. (SONGS: Night Sweats; To Tame The Burning Blade, Sun Rider, Cast My Spell, Deadly Will, Lost Shores.)