STRYCHNINE - No Escape... Live Or Die! `84 - `87  (White Vinyl LP - Only 100 copies!)

STRYCHNINE - No Escape... Live Or Die! `84 - `87 (White Vinyl LP - Only 100 copies!)


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With a brand new remastering and artwork, we are proud to present the LP edition of 'No Escape... Live Or Die!' from STRYCHNINE. This vinyl compilation of the band's demos will surely satisfy the followers of this cult band, as well as U.S. Metal vinyl collectors. Featuring Randy Bowman (Sanctuary's first singer) on lead vocals, Dan Lamberty, Mark Baker (Metal Church) and Marty Chandler (Panic, Supersuckers) on guitars, Paul Lamberty on bass, and Jack Coy (Panic) on drums. A total of eight songs from their single and two demo tapes, comprising STRYCHNINE's early achievements on the realms of Heavy Metal, together with the adventures on the speedy highways of Power Thrash!

A deluxe edition, limited to 250 copies (150 in black vinyl, 100 in white vinyl), that contains:

- A2 poster
- 4 page booklet (in A4 size) with biography, lyrics, photos and interview
- Band promo photo
- Hand numbered certificate card
- Woven patch (limited to the first 50 pre-orders)

SONGS: "Pull The Plug", "Once Before I Die", "Time Waits", "Death Warmed Over", "Run For Your Life" (Metal Meltdown 1 version), "No Escape" (7" version), "Live Or Die" (7" version), "Psychopath", "Run For Your Life" (1984 demo version), "Live Or Die", "No Escape", "Toxic Radio" (Outro).

(PRE-ORDER. We have copies on the way from Europe and estimate they will ship out to customers here by April, 2020.)