SATO - Leather Warriors: Anthology 1982 - 1986 (Brown Vinyl LP - Only 100 copies!)

SATO - Leather Warriors: Anthology 1982 - 1986 (Brown Vinyl LP - Only 100 copies!)


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In the early 80's, SATO was undoubtedly one of the most promising bands coming from Seattle scene. They won one of the Battle of the Bands at Lake Hills Roller Rink in the fall of 1982, had interest from Atlantic Records in the U.S. and Black Dragon overseas, and had a track on the Northwest Metalfest compilation album in 1984. The lineup featured Jeff "Dean Jeffries" Hurd on lead vocals, Terry Lee Hildebrand and Ken Kramer on guitars, David Jensen on drums and a pre-Alice In Chains Mike Starr on bass. Although they did not have the opportunity to record a full-length album, SATO left us numerous demo recordings, which are examples of the band's talent and how they could have gone further. Top U.S. Metal, now finally available on vinyl, in a limited edition full of extras, which will satisfy fans and collectors.

A deluxe edition, limited to 250 copies (150 in black vinyl, 100 in brown vinyl), that contains:

- A2 poster (reproduction of old poster)
- 4 page booklet (in A4 size) with interview (with Dean Jeffries), lyrics and photos
- A4 newspaper interview (reproduction of old newspaper)
- Band promo photo
- Band postcard
- Hand numbered certificate card
- Woven patch (limited to the first 50 pre-orders)

SONGS: "Leather Warrior", "Halloween", "Wheels Burn", "Born With Fire", "Stealer", "Night Prowler", "Hanna Lee", "Lost In Love (Again)", "Pushing Back", "She's Like The Rain."

(PRE-ORDER. We have copies on the way from Europe and estimate they will ship out to customers here by April, 2020.)